Do you want to know why I do what I do?

Being A Women's Diffrentiator!

My story about my life and profession!


Growing up I was a pet of my dad’s to the extent that he would end up doing all my work! Today, when I think of what my parents did, I feel they were either proving to themselves their self-worth or to the world that their child was intelligent!


I remember a time when my mother would add extra marks to tell the world that her daughter has got high marks!!  What I felt as a child I do not Know, but I did not end up feeling good.  It did get hardwired that marks was everything.  The school environment was not less, though I represented the school hockey team as a captain, was a good singer and dancer, there were always signals sent that you are not good enough.


I am now able to sense as to where do I get this feeling of self-doubt.  I always felt I was not good enough as I never got good marks!


However, I was lucky in life.  I did Engineering and I am sure my school friends, if not all, some of them think as to, ” I do not deserve this.”!  Probably not!  As mentioned, given a choice I would have never chosen that!  While I completed it and went on to do my MBA, is when I realized my potential was in Organizational Behavior (OB).  I owe my OB professor as it is through her inspiration that I opted for this profession in HR.


Today, I am able to sense when people do not feel good about themselves.  It is because of my need not being fulfilled.  I wanted to be appreciated, encouraged and assured.  I saw people wanted that too, and naturally started encouraging and appreciating people.  I then felt complete!


There were certain steps that I would always take which women generally would not.  Probably because of my army background?  Somehow I was bolder and would take risks!  This made me understand women’s needs better as they would always appreciate me for the risks I took. Here I am today, love what I do.  Coaching women to help them become self-reliant.


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When you concentrate your energy purposely on the future possibility that you aspire to realize, your energy is passed on  to it  and makes it attracted to you with a force stronger  than the one you directed towards it.


Its my privilege to mention a few people whom I have coached.  These are people from various walks of life.  I started my journey coaching a painter who wanted to set up her business to individuals from the corp orates at senior levels to “group coaching” assignments helping teams to set “team goals” and helping them achieve it.

The coaching was done using brain based methodology.   The six insights of the brain and to use that to subtly understand self and make THE change in life.

My coachees have achieved their goals, if not 100%, at-least have felt they were in the right direction!

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