To help leaders Eliminate Overwhelm, Reduce Stress, & Improve Productivity; Allowing Them To Create Balance Between Their Business, Self care And Family

My Mission

To train and coach minimum 100,000 executives, both at an individual and team level to reduce their stress and overall improve their productivity.

In my current role as Performance Coach and Corporate Trainer, I feel highly driven to make meaningful impact in the lives of leaders, women professionals, faculty of educational institutions, entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their “goals”. If you want leaders to be better coaches and break barriers in teams to reduce stress and increase productivity, please do not forget to contact me.

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As Director- AlignYourBrain-Training & Consulting LLP

We “Direct” Your Brain Chemistry to “Know Your Brain” and “Transform Your Performance!


With various brain based interventions for example, 6 insights of your brain, SCARF, we help you gain knowledge of your brain to achieve your results! Using professional tools we help enhance your experience to make it scientific and accepting.


The Brain is our ‘thinking machine’ and if we direct our thoughts, it gets hardwired to make immense impact in our own lives! So, what are thoughts? Thoughts are like choosing the dish that you want from a buffet! We @ AlignYour Brain will help you choose your dish!


All you need to do is say what you want and we will help you attain your goals (individual and team) with your own energy and ideas.

So, if you are self-motivated we are ready for a relationship that will make you feel complete !!

My Business Verticals


Behavioural Skills


Brain based methodology for Individuals & groups Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3


Psychometric assessments


Using Psychometric tools will help you understand aspects related to self on how are you:

In general

At work

At your best and

Your Challenges

This you will use to regulate yourself for success.
Team management, leadership development and Relationships


Assessment Development Centers

In collaboration with TV Rao Learning a team of assesors will conduct Assessment Development Centres.

2 hour nuggets according to the need of the client