4 Amazing Women Who Have Changed Entrepreneurship In India!

4 Amazing Women Who Have Changed Entrepreneurship In India!

According to an age-old saying,“If you want something said, go to a man; if you want something done, look for a woman.”

The world has seen few women leaders, and every time they have risen, people bow down to them. Everyone knows how effectively Cleopatra ruled and how Joan of Arc stood up for her rights. History never forgets the saviours. However, wanted to share more about the 4 wonderful women who changed the face of entrepreneurship in India.

 Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Managing Director and Chairperson Biocon Limited

Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the chairperson of Biocon Limited, needs no introduction. Her father was the head brewmaster at United Breweries and upon his insistence, she went on to complete her degree as a master brewer in Melbourne. No doubt, she was the only woman enrolled in the course. As soon as she finished her education, she started working as a trainee brewer in Australia, but things didn’t go well. When Ms. Mazumdar decided to work in India as a brewer, her proposal was rejected as brewing was still considered to be a “man’s job”. This did not stop her and like a phoenix, she rose again. She started working with Biocon Biochemicals Ltd., one of the biggest biochemical companies in India. She recalls that she often faced doubt due to her gender and credibility.

Today Kiran Mazumdar Shaw’s net worth is 3.1 billion dollars and she has been listed as one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes three times.

 Kalpana Saroj, Chairperson of Kamani Tubes

Honoured with a Padmashree award and fondly touted as the real slumdog millionaire, Kalpana Saroj was born in a Dalit family and married off at the age of twelve. In her marriage, she faced domestic violence and was later rescued by her father. To support her family she started working at a garment factory. Kalpana Saroj took a government loan and started a tailoring business and eventually a furniture store. She also tried her hands at real estate, which helped her create a small fortune. With the help of her NGO, she helped other women and organisations which were suffering. Through her NGO she came to know about Kamani Tubes, a company which was slipping into crisis, after its owner’s death. The workers of the organisation approached her for help. She bought the shares of the company and revived it back to profit and today her net worth is 112 million dollars. Kalpana Saroj is an inspiration to all the women who create a magical life for themselves.

 Aditi Gupta, CEO Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta is the CEO of Menstrupedia an organisation that is helping thousands of teenage girls to become confident and comfortable with their body. In our country women still face a lot of discrimination once they start menstruating. They are considered to be impure, forbidden to pray and are subjected to various discriminatory practices, as menstruation is still considered to be a taboo. To stop this age-old practice she launched a magazine which explains menstruation most easily. It sensitizes not only girls but boys as well. What’s more amazing is that the magazine and videos created by Menstrupedia have helped not only mothers but single fathers, who have the hardest job of teaching their daughters about menstruation. Her efforts have brought smiles to many families.

 Aditi Balbir, CEO V Resorts

Aditi Balbir is the CEO and Founder of V Resorts, a company that aims to show off what the real India looks like. Ms. Balbir has always been a traveller at heart. She aims to promote ecotourism, so city dwellers can experience the local extravaganza our country has to offer. The tourists can take village walks, treks etc. Aditi Balbir has been working to promote the livelihood of local people. V Resorts supports artisans and the local population of villages. Currently, her company is managing one sixty properties across 21 states.

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