The second class in the Digital Deepak’s internship program was about customer avatar and I think this is one of the most important factors in understanding who your customer is? While these concepts are not new, I would like to bring a new flavor to this! So let me try…

What I really liked about certain concepts taught are as follows:

1)     Marketing

Marketing is not a new concept. Mostly, it is considered that Marketing is about becoming visible. While that is true, what is even more important is that it is a tool for developing trust. I liked it when it was said that, “marketing is about building mass trust”, and in fact Deepak has gone ahead and purchased the domain of #masstrust! The other aspect that struck me was, if you cannot converse well 1:1, one cannot converse well with 1: many.  This is really true. For example, when you are doing a seminar, workshop or a webinar, the most important aspect is, are you able to develop a sense of trust.  Also, the way you talk to a person 1:1 should be the way you also talk 1: many as that is when people will start trusting you.  Whether you do a video, write an article or tweet, are you aware of that customer who is listening to you! Many a times we forget this and are trying to write an article to sound right or to sound intellectual! The larger question is to be able to connect with the customer whom you want to attract.

The essence of Marketing being, trying to build your brand, Personal brand. Building your influence and Brand in the Digital World and connecting to people from the Digital world to build MassTrust! That is what I am working on!

 2)     Be authentic to communicate better

Authenticity I think is one of the most critical aspect in marketing as we have enough number of people out there who are fake and people are waiting to listen to people who are real. Isn’t it? Infact people are tired of fake people. Have you seen people who put up a mask and those who are authentic? What is the difference? I think it is about being vulnerable. Many a times, we are scared to be vulnerable! Think about it ? What was well brought out in the class is that, whether you want to find a right life partner or right kind of friends, it is ok to accept your own flaws and tell people that this is how I am, I do have rough edges, right? Authenticity brings in people to accept you better. If you are authentic, people are willing to accept the mistakes you make too. Especially if you are a leader, authenticity matters so that people can connect with you, isn’t it? So, in the digital marketing space, we are talking about mass communication and while we do all of this, we need to be authentic! As that increases the aspect of people liking you? Doesn’t it?

3)     Who is a better marketer?

People with more life experiences are better marketers! This was a nice take away. Travelling, learning a new language and doing new things all the time, helps us gain exposure in life. That in fact also makes us better marketers. In the sense that one need not have extensive experience in marketing to be better marketers, one needs to have better exposure to be a better marketer. This was a different learning. Try to do little bit of everything! Read about spirituality, feminism, challenge your assumptions and not hold strong opinions. Try to go ahead and put yourself in a different shoe. Whether religion or anything that you dislike, it is good to challenge that assumption. This really correlates with what my Digital Mentor -Siddharth Rajsekhar says, he talks about trying to be opposite of what you are! Infact if you have taken a psychometric assessment, can we for once look at becoming opposite of what comes in that test? As, you are guided by your mind and your character is also guided by your mind! This makes us natural marketers in the sense that people start relating to your experiences and how authentic you are as a person rather than intellectual abilities? Isn’t it?

 4)     Who is your audience?

Now, after the concept of marketing, let us understand that if everyone is your audience then nobody is your audience, right? This statement always strikes me as, as a women’s independence coach my niche has a specific audience to it! Many a times, in whatever role that we are, we fail to cater to the needs of the audience/customer! So let us define our audience well- both demographics and the psycho graphics!

5)     How to define your audience? 

The most important aspect that I learnt here is especially in the lock-down situation, even if you in a large webinar with 700 people in it, the speaker has the ability to connect with you in a 1:1 level as the speaker understands your needs ie to say that though you have a big audience, you are alone with your device, so we need to be able to converse at a 1:1 level in a large audience scenario too! Therefore, email communication is a very strong medium of communication. It is a very private space and that will never die even when compared to social media! Also, an interesting aspect that I remember is, to keep the language simple and to join mental conversations of people! We need not start a new conversation, but join mental conversations of people! This could be done with the subject line!  Think about it…btw, what is important is are people reading your entire article? Infact, we need to be able to keep line after line strong, if not, better to remove the line!

6)     Focus on the center and not the border

Write to people thinking of THE customer in your mind. While keeping THE customer in your mind, the people around the circle will also jump in trying to relate to it, if not 100%, they will be in the direction.  It is important to conduct surveys, interact and do 121’s to understand the needs, desires and aspirations of your customer. I really liked that Deepak went ahead and did a live demonstration of how a survey needs to conducted along with actually talking to the desirable customer avatar from the survey results!

Finally, concluding with the concept of awkwardness is an indicator of learning, what I would like to mention is whether my business or trying to build my influence online using digital media is definitely out of my comfort zone. I would wish that all you women who are reading in, come to my hub and let us get to know each other so that I can plan my coaching approach accordingly.

Btw, while finding out my customer avatar, here is what I want all you women to respond to

Are you: What % do you match the following…type the % if you match this….

  • Your age from 40-50
  • You were an average student at school
  • You are an Ambivert
  • You are a postgraduate
  • You see whatsapp as soon as you get up in the morning
  • Your favorite movie is DDLJ
  • You hate dishonesty
  • Would love to have a life coach to help you meet your goals
  • Called your boyfriend/girlfriend to check if they had some other boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Married with kids and wanting to get back to work
  • Single with kids and wanting to get back to work…contact me, if you match this! 🙂

Also, kindly attend my masterclass so that you understand what I do in the Brain Science space. I think I will be open in letting you know of what I do and wherever we strike a cord, we can plan from there!

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