Did you know I walked on the parapet wall!

Did you know I walked on the parapet wall!

When I was little, a very close friend of my father’s used to call me ‘Fearless Nadia’! As I was considered fearless!!

You know why? One day, along with a close friend of mine (one of the days when we got back early from school), we went to my terrace and were playing there and I am not sure what really happened but I decided to climb the parapet wall and walked on it! In fact both of us did! Little did we realize that it was dangerous. In fact if my friend is reading this, she would know! I would do a lot of such things which brought me the name and fame of being fearless in a notorious, or probably bold and unconventional way?!

Actually, all of us have this in us. As children we were fearless! As we grew up our parents and the environment around us instilled a lot of thoughts in our mind which rewired our “being fearful” parameters. Safety is good but somehow it overrides and becomes THE factor in our lives! A wise man once said,” The place one can feel safest would be in our graves”! The child in us loses its fervor and we become dead serious about everything! I know I WILL NOT resonate with parents on this one and might lose the popularity contest!

However, what I am referring to is going back to the understanding the brain? There is enough research done about the brain and I am not the first one talking about it. In fact the way it has helped me is :

  1. The mind- how we regulate the flow of energy an information- uses the brain to create itself.
  2. Learning to live with the brain in mind is a powerful way to strengthen your mind and improve your life.
  3. With more ability to regulate the flow of energy and information in your space, you can become extremely effective and achieve a greater sense of satisfaction.

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Respects, Preetha