“Direct Your Brain Chemistry- Know Your Brain, Transform Your Performance”

“Direct Your Brain Chemistry- Know Your Brain, Transform Your Performance”

As a Transformational Coach, I feel one of the ways of reducing overwhelm is by understanding your Brain!  Learning to live with the Brain in your mind is a powerful way to strengthen your mind and improve your professional life.  With more ability to regulate the flow of energy and information in your work, you can become more effective and achieve a greater sense of satisfaction.

David Rock the founder of NeuroLeadership Institute has taken challenging areas of Neuroscience and cognition and interpreted them in an accurate but highly accessible manner.

The steps to transform ones performance is linked to thinking and not results. It It was a revelation to me that -“Performance shown in the form of results is just the tip of the iceberg”!  In other words, what we achieve at work is driven by how we think.  Yet when a leader wants to improve someone’s performance , they tend to stay at the surface and focus on the performance itself.  Leader’s rarely discuss about habits, feelings or even less often have a conversation about the person’s thinking.

Coaching helps achieve ‘improved thinking”.  Is “improved thinking” really feasible?  I have discovered as a Coach that, if you would like to Direct Your Brain Chemistry to deal with your emotions and be in the ‘Flow’ it results in improved thinking.  ‘Flow’ involves using your strengths.  Basically using a set of behaviors you become good at.

Now, why do you have to deal with your emotions?  Is that required?  How does that play an important role in knowing your Brain?   What is PFC?  What are the neurotransmitters that would help you get alert and interested?  If you want to find out more about Invisible and Observable aspects of your performance, please do contact me to avail the free Introductory session on “7 steps to direct your Brain Chemistry” .

It’s time leaders learned how to improve people’s thinking and that is possible by appointing a Coach.  Please do feel to contact me to learn more.

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