Failure and Success – It’s All In The Mind!

Failure and Success – It’s All In The Mind!

It is said that you can’t make sensible and informed decisions if your mind is clouded with fear and doubt.

As we have discussed before, the prefrontal cortex plays a vital role in taking actions that can determine your success. I believe the limbic system is a driver of behaviour. It tracks emotions through objects, people, thoughts and events, and makes value judgments. For example, the limbic system is involved in deciding what sort of a cuisine you’d like to have when you are going out for dinner, or which movie you’d like to watch if you are free. If the limbic system functions effectively it allows the prefrontal cortex to work with brilliance.

The prefrontal cortex and the limbic system work in synchronisation. The limbic system controls the emotions of a person, high intensity emotions like fear, anger and anxiety which are like speed breakers. They affect the prefrontal cortex when you have to make important decisions. These high intensity emotions can become a hindrance. For instance if there’s a woman who wants to start her own company, the following thoughts will guide her prefrontal cortex:

●   What actions need to be taken to kick-start the business

●   What resources will be required

●   What skills are required to make the business successful

On the contrary, if her mind is blocked by fear and anxiety (controlled by the limbic system), she will not be able to make the right decisions. Maybe she’ll end up in a situation which is far worse than her imagination.

You can train your limbic system and manage your emotions so they assist you in making the right decisions at the right time.

You’ve seen that the prefrontal cortex and the brain are intimately related.

This information is especially relevant to women, because the upbringing and conditioning that women go through, they often find themselves juggling with families, emotions and a career. Training and awareness can help women in making rational decisions and it can also make them successful.

Influential women leaders are not born but made, and this is what I wish to do through my webinars and products. I will guide you to exercise the PFC with techniques like visualisation, simplification, chunking, and increasing mental energy, so that the prefrontal cortex performs its role effectively. I will also guide you to train your limbic system and manage your emotions, so that you do things in the best way possible.

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