In this article I have opted to write about DIGITAL MARKETING! It is really linked to the internship program that I am currently pursuing with Digital Deepak! I follow Siddharth Rajsekhar as my digital mentor and wanted to learn and earn so signed up for a new program launched by Digital Deepak. Digital Deepak has an internship program for which you earn by submitting assignments! That is all it takes. So here I am…:-)

Why have I positioned as a women’s independence coach is because that is my niche. How does the niche get decided is where we need to dig in and find the gold! As a student of Digital Deepak’s Internship program this was the topic of the first class and it was quite insightful in terms of giving an overall understanding of what is important for Digital Marketing. While this was not new, it helped in rewiring my brain! Aspects such as global economics, communication skills, future of digital marketing, creating a personal brand and building your personal brand etc were dealt with.

What I learnt from this class is as follows:


This was a reinforcement of what I learnt from my digital mentor -Siddharth Rajsekahr’s courses which talks about niche clarity where he helps carve out as to which niche is good for you. Zeroing down to a niche is a tough one. The way it worked for me was with the help and guidance of my Business Coach and Digital mentor to find an emotional connection to my niche. This took several classes of raking into my own experiences and what exactly I wanted to do in my professional life.

  • One aspect that I learnt through Digital Deepak’s teachings is about the ever expanding market which goes to say that “Market needs always expand because solution to needs give rise to new needs…Solution gives rise to more challenges and it gives even more solutions..”. Therefore, there are infinite number of niches available. 
  • So to start your journey as a digital marketer it is important to know your niche.
  • Other aspect that was brought out is niche needs to be aligned to your passion, talent and market opportunity plus the simplicity of three categories that you can be either be in the health, wealth or relationship space. Once you know this, the journey begins in which category you fall and the other nuances, you would need to create.


What I learnt here is that to understand the importance of average age of the population. If it is high, the economy goes down and vice versa. To put it in simple terms, India, South Africa and South East Asian economies are young economies and these would be the places from where the next set of billionaires would emerge as the average age of the population is young and therefore the spending would be less.  This brings us to learn about the concept of “debt creates money” and how using this concept is how the global economy flourishes. What it means is if you take a loan from a bank, that gets deposited in another bank and that money is given as loan to others increasing the circulation of money. Deflation of money supply happens when people start repaying debt. When the cash circulation starts shrinking, it leads to recession. Overall, we need not fear recession as long as we provide value especially in the digital platform!


This is one of the key skills for you to succeed in your business. Communication helps in content creation, sales and becoming a successful professional or entrepreneur.  Some easy ways to master your communication skills are:

a.      Read 30 minutes a day

b.     Try to start thinking in English. This is a conscious effort one needs to make especially in India as we have multiple languages cross country.

c.      Listen to podcasts 30 minutes a day

d.     Write a lot, the more you write the better you write! Write at least 500 words a day!

e.     Start with a personal blog

f.       Watch English sitcoms

g.      Watch stand-up comedy shows to learn culture and local slang!

This is not a new learning, what was new to me was to “watch stand-up comedy shows to understand culture and language” and the realization of how people learn through different modes. I may not have watched a comedy show to learn culture and language! I would have watched it for its entertainment value. So, we need to be focused to see what we can learn from any platform available.

4) WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL MARKETING? Marketing and digital marketing is one and the same. Digital marketing is to market in the digital space. Digital marketing will not die as marketing will not die! As the world is moving towards the digital space, I love the formula that was put up which said:


 The gist that digital marketing is simply a better way of doing marketing was my key takeaway. While this is not rocket science, the important aspect is to know it and implement it! Also, the concept of integrated digital marketing is what we will be learning in the future assignments to be submitted. What I understand as a summary to integrated digital marketing is to have content & build your tribe, have a SEO traffic to it, have a social media strategy around it, then email marketing around it, paid ad strategy and finally sell and convert! Ok, so my game has already begun..:-)

5) HOW TO SELECT YOUR NICHE? One aspect that stayed with me in this is to have 1000 customers who are willing to pay Rs 10000 and you will earn 1 Cr!

 6) HOW TO FIND MARKET DEMAND? Scratch your own itch! Use various tools to find this and get there! Talk to customers and look for pre and post product or service for products. For example, if someone is buying a coaching video course, what would he/she need before one buys this and what would one need after he buys this is important research to be done.

 7) BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND: This is also a very important aspect in the journey of digital marketing. Biggest learning, do not be afraid to put your content out there, do not worry to stand out AND do not try to fit in! Show your character and personality in social media. Publish content in different forms and with more content one would technically own more of the internet


a.      You vibe will attracts your tribe

b.     People buy you FIRST

c.      Build your own fame in your personal community

d.     Write, do videos and public speaking when required.


a.      Free products, move the free line

b.     Build trust through the funnel

c.      Make the funnel automated and this is where I am struggling!

d.     Build trust through the automated system

e.     Bottom of the funnel needs to be 1000 which means there needs to 100,000 in the top of the funnel!

Build brand ambassadors for your brand from people who buy your product, from your own tribe. 

These are all the basic fundamentals of digital marketing and one needs to go in depth to understand and implement it. One important aspect is have a digital mentor! Even if you are looking at other mentors, it is important to bring in the concepts together for it to work for you!

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