How I am Doing What I do?

How I am Doing What I do?

I am not sure if the universe listens! However, I am a believer of that! In life whenever I wished for something, sooner or later it did happen! In fact this happened both in the good and the so called bad experiences in my life!

I am reading a book “ Stillness Speaks” by Eckhart Tolle – Author of THE POWER OF NOW. What I really liked in this book is the following statement- “if we connect to the stillness within, we move beyond our active minds and emotions and discover great depths of lasting peace!”

Probably, if I had read this book 11 years back, I would not have understood it. Now, I do to a certain extent!

Going back to the question of does the universe listen to you, and the reason why I believe in this is, I remember when I got serious with my business goals in the year 2019, I was looking for help. I would keep telling this to people close to me. I wanted to streamline my business, plan my activities/finances, and build my network. In a month or two there were a lot of avenues that were opened. I had to choose from them as to which would suit and benefit me. I chose.

First and foremost I joined BNI- Business Network International, I had wonderful people in my chapter and through the chapter, Veda Vyas– Life Coach (I thank him him for all the support and help extended)- introduced me to Mahua Gorthi– My Business Coach. Mahua Gorthi helped me build my emotional connection with my business and it is from there that I could draw my story to the past and linkages to what is really close to my heart!

That is how my Business Journey started.

Through BNI, I was also introduced to @Succesgyan and @Siddharth Rajsekar who is my mentor who further helped me reinforce my niche. Today, I have generated products online plus set up technology systems in place to scale up in the years to come. Siddharth Rajsekar earns 1 Core a month and is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Coach.

I thank all of them, who have been introduced in my life. They are my choices and decisions that I made when I asked the universe and it gave me several options. Finally, one has to choose of those options, in those one can make mistakes. I have made many mistakes.

I am not sure how things will go, but I realize what is the effort required. I would keep asking my “topper friends” -”How do you do that?” I realize, it is consistent effort! I probably never made the effort when I was younger, there were others who did and reaped the benefits.

However, every time I ignored my inner stillness! Even today, when things are not okay, I am realize that I have ignored my inner stillness, again!! Not sure if the toppers in school or successful people are aware of that inner stillness?

In school we were never taught to listen to that stillness. We were taught to be confident and ignore the external noise, but how does one do that?? Ignore the external noise, by listening to the inner stillness? Hmm…may be…THAT IS THE SOLUTION! I am in my journey of trying to get closer and closer to my inner stillness !!

“The equivalent of external noise is the inner noise of thinking. The equivalent of external silence is inner stillness. Whenever there is silence around you- listen to it, says Eckhart Tolle- Stillness Speaks!”

When I started off this article, I was not sure where it would lead to. However, it is another journey in my life, a chunk of my cake that I am sharing. Business or no business I am in a voyage to serve so as to reap the benefits of my inner stillness! How does that happen?

Food for thought to myself too!! :-))

One thing is for sure, inner stillness is definitely connected to the universe and that I think listens to everyone!


Respects, Preetha Balakrishnan

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