Question for you?

Question for you?

One of the things I am asked to do as a person leading a business is to share stories of the past relating it to my current state! I always grapple with this and would wonder do I have so many stories to share? How relevant is it to share stories of my past? What I realize today is that it has helped me look at myself and the layers that I have.

Story telling of course is an art and it needs a skill in the sense that one needs to be able to convey what you want. Other than that, what is critical is how genuine is your story!

Today, I realize I need not be in a manner that my parents, society, friends, relatives, colleagues expect me to be like. I can be the way I want. When we say we can be the way we want, most of us are not able to live up to that, why? It is because of the layers we have built over the years. Layers of conditioning, experiences, fears, influences based on which we tend to become “in a way”. The way that is most susceptible to the situation and may not be true to self. That is what I want to question?

Actually, in the recent past sort of attending a lot of mind related experiential activities, I have realized it is me who has created these layers! One of the activities made me realize I need not be an individual that is perceived by the world or environment as good! I was like that. Today I am not, it took me so many years to understand this (guess my age!)…that many years..:-).

While I need to be sensitive to people around me, the environment, there is nothing that stops me from creating that environment that I want! Destiny is something that you have been creating unconsciously. You can create it consciously. You can rewrite your destiny. You decide where you want to go, taking the next course and destination. It is in your hands!! This is deep..:-)..

So how does brain wiring help in creating the destiny? Can we create our own wiring?

Scientists have discovered that our brain is a connecting machine. The wiring or the maps that get generated through the various thoughts, memories, attributes, skills and links between bits of information are vast sets of connections or maps joined together. These maps are very complex and rich. The complexity is because of millions of connections happening every second between different points for just one piece of information stored! Therefore, the layers and the importance of getting those layers opened up so that we are true to self and do not have any influences to lead our own way, becomes critical!

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So, I leave you with a question? Can we create our own wiring?

Do let me know your thoughts and comments…awaiting for your valuable comments and answers…what do you think? 🙂

Let us learn together to create a world of true to self-individuals!

Respects, Preetha Balakrishnan