Self Reliance – A Brain Game!

Self Reliance – A Brain Game!

Did you know, emotions like anger, anxiety and frustration affect your prefrontal cortex?

This is not rocket science but what I am trying to highlight is how these strong emotions affects the PFC which is the most energy intensive part of the brain. It is the PFC which is responsible of the 5 conscious thought process’ to function well, which is –Recalling, Memorizing, Understanding, Inhibiting and Decision making.

When people are annoyed, some people suppress their emotion and few others express it. Suppressing becomes detrimental in the long run as it not only spoils your health but the health of people around you! As these energies get absorbed in the environment. Expressing may help people for sometime but this behavior becomes compulsive and leads to actions that gets out of control. This means that you are not able to regulate your emotions. The key is to regulate, neither suppress, nor express, but regulate.

I have also talked about “Free Will” and “Free Won’t” in my previous podcast for you to understand the concept of VETO POWER and how we can exercise that to reduce such emotions. Please do listen to it @ PUTTING ON BRAKES.

In one of my previous articles, Failure and Success – It’s all in the Mind, I mentioned how high-intensity emotions have the ability to create havoc and affect the functioning of the PFCSo, here is a solution, one of the ways to control your emotions is to label them symbolically. Now what does that mean?

It has been observed by Neuro-scientists that, whatever you talk about your emotions you tend to increase its intensity. For instance, if you are nervous and constantly crib to yourself or others about being nervous, you are more likely to increase the intensity of those emotions. Now, Instead of a dialogue, you can try symbolic la belling.

You just have to describe the emotion in a word or two and move on. This is one way to harness stress. Another strategy to overcome high-intensity emotions is to gain awareness about the brain. As the brain is a complex organ, composed of different parts, when you become more aware about the brain, you start visualizing the different structures, it then becomes tangible, overtime. A famous neuroscientist once quoted that tangibles were easier to see.

In the same way, if you get aware about the PFC it makes you visualise it and slowly you can start regulating your emotions.

Also, indulging in activities that you like, helps regulate emotions better. People generate innovative ideas when they do things that they love. Such activities relax the limbic system which in turn improves the functioning of the PFC and the performance of the 5 Conscious Thoughts.

I conduct free webinars where I share advice to help women to become self-reliant. What I cover there are three simple steps to become self-reliant:

1. Know your PFC.

2. Getting Alert and Interested Strategies

3. Knowing Your Peak Performance Triggers

These simple steps will help you to enter a world to regulate emotions so as to better perform the “5 Conscious Thoughts” as mentioned above.

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