Work – Life Balance For Women In The Corporate World!

Work – Life Balance For Women In The Corporate World!

Do you often find yourself juggling between your personal and professional life? Does the stress and guilt sting you ever so often? If yes, then you are not alone in this.

Many women around the world feel the same. According to a survey conducted by Meritnation, women are more stressed than men due to an imbalance between their personal and professional life. According to the survey more than half of the women rated their work-life balance from average to terrible. The fact is, that this problem is universal but let me tell you, if you know about the principles of the brain, you can manage things better.

Many professionals suggest that a happy life can be attained if the following three spheres are in synchronisation. The three spheres are; your work life, your personal life and the personal time you have for yourself. It is not easy to strike a balance between the three. Most women find it difficult to balance their personal and professional life, and if somehow they are able to do it then they have no time left for themselves. Due to this, women feel tired and lethargic. How often have you heard stories of women who are forced to leave their job or are constantly feeling guilty for neglecting their family?

I’ve said this before, women feel guilty and pressurised and I understand why such feelings arise. Our society definitely holds some of the responsibility and blame. We follow gender norms that put all the burden on women. Of course, working out things externally helps, for instance, you can talk to your boss about the working conditions, but the result may or may not be in your favour.

However, as mentioned, if you work according to the principles of the brain you can manage things better. In one of my articles, Prefrontal Cortex – The Bridge, For Women Leaders, I mentioned that the PFC is like a stage and it cannot hold more than four actors – which is the information you carry. When you constantly put too many things on your mind you subject the prefrontal cortex to undue pressure.  As a man or woman one needs to be aware of this to reduce load on your PFC for it to function well.

Moreover, the guilt and stress caused by your hectic schedule reduces PFCs functioning even more. As guilt is an emotion. If emotions are not taken care of, the PFC will give up resulting in the conscious thoughts not functioning. Therefore, knowing more and more about the prefrontal cortex will help you set priorities that will bring positive results. A person for whom emotions take over, it would be tough to make effective decisions, collaborate, solve problems, et al. In the corporate world you will find yourself in such situations, right?

Through my webinars and training, I want to help you strike a balance between your personal and professional life so that you can manage them better and grow exponentially.

Currently, am coaching woman from the corporate world who want to venture into pursuing a larger vision in life, that which defines them! It has been enriching for me coaching them too!

As I said, knowing your brain/PFC and managing it is a better way to achieve work-life balance.

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